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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry


True Beauty - Chastity for Girls

In a sex-saturated world, it's difficult for young women to resist peer pressure and media messages to become sexually active as early as they can. With True Beauty: Chastity for Girls, young women are empowered to reclaim the value of chastity and purity in their lives. The necessary information is here—giving sound and clear-headed arguments for a God-inspired view of the gift of sex as a self-giving act of love and creation reserved for marriage. What they learn here will serve them for the rest of their lives. When they eventually say "I do," they can also say without shame "I didn't."


True Strength - Chastity for Guys

Young men are overwhelmed by cultural messages and images that suggest true strength in a man is intrinsically bound to sex. This YDisciple course effectively argues that true strength is found in the God-inspired restraint and self-control of chastity, not only preserving a young man's personal integrity as a disciple, but also protecting girls who are meant to be cherished as women of God. This study begins with a ten-point game plan to get them started on the road to living a pure life.