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Too often we try to live a faith we don't know or understand. Some of us stumble along with it, going through the motions. Others simply walk away. That's why the time is right for Symbolon: Knowing the FaithPresented by the most trusted and compelling teachers and filmed around the world with stunning cinematography, Symbolon: Knowing the Faith explains the essentials of the Catholic Faith in a way that will inform our minds and inspire our hearts. Presented in ten sessions that are ideal for parish catechism, family instruction, and personal devotion. 

You may also want to view part two, Symbolon: Living the Faith.


For Women

WWP.jpgWalking with Purpose

Walking with Purpose is a Catholic Bible study program that aims to bring women to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Walking with Purpose endeavors to meet women where they are, giving them practical Biblical teaching that is consistent with Church doctrine and uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church as an additional resource.

Opening Your Heart is the recommended starting point for all participants, regardless of previous experience with Bible study. Those who long to evangelize women in the pews and beyond will find this particular Bible study to be exactly the tool they need. True change can happen in the hearts of women – and, by extension, in their families and beyond.